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One-Pot Sausage Pasta

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This One-Pot Sausage Pasta is super flavourful and comes together quickly for an easy weeknight dinner. Made with linguine, Italian sausage, fresh tomatoes and spinach, this pasta is a crowdpleaser!

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One pot sausage pasta garnished with fresh parsley in a white pot.

This one-pot linguine is a recipe you’ll want to make again and again. It uses simple ingredients, you need just one pot and a cutting board (yay for fewer dishes!) and it comes together quickly.

I also love this meal because it basically includes a salad right in the main dish. It’s a delicious way to include more greens in your day!

Ingredients and Variations

Below is an overview of the ingredients and steps needed to make this one pot pasta recipe. See the recipe card below for all the details!

  • Italian sausage – we use a mild variety and add spice to taste with the red pepper flakes. If you can’t find ground sausage, you can buy links and remove the casings. Ground beef or turkey will also work, but you may want to include some other seasonings to replace the more complex flavour of the sausage.
  • Onion and garlic – for flavour
  • Canned diced tomatoes and tomato paste – to flavour the sauce
  • Grape tomatoes – adds freshness and pleasing texture to the dish
  • Fresh rosemary – adds amazing depth of flavour
  • Red pepper flakes – you can omit this ingredient if you’re sensitive to spice, but we like to use a small amount (a quarter teaspoon) to give a mildly spicy aftertaste. You can add more if you want more heat!
  • Broth – to cook the pasta and form the base of the sauce. We use broth rather than water for added savoury flavour.
  • Linguine – spaghetti will also work!
  • Fresh baby spinach – for colour and nutrition
Ingredients needed to make one pot sausage pasta viewed from overhead.

How to make it

First, heat a large pot or dutch oven over medium heat and cook the sausage until no longer pink. Transfer the sausage to a plate lined with paper towel to drain any excess fat and set it aside.

Next, add some olive oil to the pot and sauté the onion until translucent, then add the garlic and continue to sauté for up to a minute. Add back the cooked sausage, then add the tomato paste, grape tomatoes, red pepper flakes and salt. Mix until the tomato paste is evenly coating the other ingredients.

A 5-photo process collage showing the steps to make one pot sausage pasta.

Pour in the broth and add the diced tomatoes with their juices and the minced fresh rosemary. Give it stir, then cover the pot and turn up the heat to bring this mixture to a boil.

Once it’s boiling, uncover and add the linguine. Use kitchen tongs to coax the pasta into the broth and turn the heat down to medium to maintain a strong simmer. Continue to cook uncovered for about 8 minutes, stirring frequently so the noodles won’t stick together.

Finally, add the baby spinach on top and cover the pot for about 2 minutes until it’s wilted. Then uncover, mix in the wilted spinach and continue to cook uncovered until al dente or the noodles reach your desired texture.

Using tongs to grab linguine mixed with tomatoes, spinach and Italian sausage.

Tips for Success

  • Use fresh rosemary and mince it very finely. It’s well worth the effort to use the fresh version of this herb. It adds such amazing flavour! But be sure to mince it finely because it’s a woody herb that can be unpleasant to chew if it’s left in larger pieces.
  • Adjust the level of heat to your taste. The recipe as written offers a very mild level of heat with a quarter teaspoon of red pepper flakes. If you like moderately spicy food you can add up to a half teaspoon, or use a full teaspoon if you want it to be very spicy.
  • Serve this dish immediately. This pasta is best served right away. Leftovers are still tasty, but the sauce and texture are best when freshly cooked.
Linguine with sausage, tomatoes and spinach, served on a white plate garnished with parsley.

Can I make this pasta vegan or vegetarian?

Yes! To make this a vegan meal you only need a few swaps:

  1. Omit the sausage or use a vegan sausage like Beyond Sausage.
  2. Use vegetable broth instead of chicken broth.
  3. Omit the parmesan garnish (for vegan) or use your favourite vegan version.

How to reheat

In the microwave, heat one serving for about two minutes, stirring once partway for even heating.

On the stovetop, use a non-stick skillet over medium heat. Gently toss the pasta in the skillet until evenly heated through. You can add a splash more broth as necessary if you find it’s getting too dry.

For both methods, you want the dish to reach an internal temperature of 165 °F for food safety reasons.

A forkful of sausage linguine being taken from a serving on a white plate.

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One Pot Sausage Pasta in a white pot viewed from overhead.

One-Pot Sausage Pasta

Laura Lawless, BASc
This One-Pot Sausage Pasta is super flavourful and comes together quickly for an easy weeknight dinner. Made with linguine, Italian sausage, fresh tomatoes and spinach, this pasta is a crowdpleaser!
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Servings 8
Calories 473
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 30 minutes
Total Time 40 minutes



  • In a large sauce pan or dutch oven over medium heat, crumble the Italian sausage and cook until no longer pink. Remove to a large plate lined with paper towel to drain the excess fat and set aside.
  • Return the pot to the heat and add the olive oil. Sauté the onion until softened, about 3 minutes. Add the garlic and continue to sauté for about a minute until fragrant. Return the cooked sausage to the pot and sprinkle in the salt and red pepper flakes.
  • Add the tomato paste and grape tomatoes. Stir until tomato paste is well combined with the other ingredients, about a minute.
  • Pour in the chicken broth, then add the diced tomatoes and their juices and the minced fresh rosemary. Stir until well combined, then cover the pot and turn up the heat to bring this mixture to a boil.
  • Once the mixture is boiling, uncover and add the linguine. Use kitchen tongs to gently encourage the noodles to submerge into the liquid as they soften. Reduce the heat to medium to sustain a strong simmer. Cook uncovered for 8 minutes, stirring frequently to ensure the noodles don't stick together.
  • Add the baby spinach on top and cover for 2-3 minutes to wilt, then uncover and mix in the wilted spinach. Test the linguine for doneness and if it isn't quite cooked to your liking, continue to cook uncovered, mixing frequently, until the pasta reaches your desired texture.
  • Season with additional salt and pepper to taste and serve immediately with your chosen garnishes. Store any leftovers in a sealed container in the refrigerator and eat within 4 days.

Nutrition Estimate

Calories: 473kcal | Carbohydrates: 53g | Protein: 20g | Fat: 21g | Saturated Fat: 7g | Polyunsaturated Fat: 3g | Monounsaturated Fat: 9g | Cholesterol: 43mg | Sodium: 819mg | Potassium: 795mg | Fiber: 4g | Sugar: 6g | Vitamin A: 2043IU | Vitamin C: 21mg | Calcium: 88mg | Iron: 3mg

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  1. Hi, this looks great! Wondering if it could be made gluten free. GFree pasta can be very starchy so making it in the pot probably wouldn’t have a great result.


    1. Laura Lawless, BASc says:

      Hi Amanda, it can definitely work! I’ve used Barilla gluten-free penne when making my vegan one-pot pasta and it turned out great. Just keep in mind the cook time may be slightly different, so test for doneness as you go. Some pasta brands (like any that are 100% brown rice) may not hold up as well.

      1. Oh wonderful! Thank you!!