Healthy Breakfast Meal Prep Challenge

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Welcome! I’m Laura, the creator of The Recipe Well and this breakfast challenge. I use my nutrition degree to help people like you make more home-cooked meals! My passions include my family, a good cup of coffee and encouraging others to eat their veggies. You can read more about my background here.

Who Should join the breakfast meal prep challenge?

Do any of these scenarios sound like you?

  • You’re busy getting the kids fed and out the door, so breakfast is an afterthought. You end up reaching for an easy food like toast, a bagel or cereal.
  • You commute to work and it’s easier to just pick up food at the drive-thru when you grab your coffee.
  • You have some favourite healthy breakfast recipes, but you need some more ideas.

If any of these statements describe you (I’ve been all of the above at some point in my life!), this FREE Healthy Breakfast Meal Prep Challenge is perfect for you!

zucchini carrot fritters in 2 glass meal prep containers with a side of greek yogurt

Why did I create this Breakfast meal prep challenge?

Most of us aren’t getting enough vegetables, fruit and fibre in our diets. By simply adding colourful vegetables to your breakfast plate, you’ll be well on your way to getting in your daily servings.

Carb-loaded breakfasts are certainly easy, but they’re lacking in nutrients and you’ll feel hungry within a nanosecond. Instead, you need protein, you need fibre, you need colour.

But, I understand how hard it is to find time to prepare a healthy, balanced meal in the morning. I barely had time to prep breakfast before I had kids, so now I basically have negative time (haha).

That’s why every recipe in this challenge can be made ahead. Pick a day to prep for the week, or make it the night before.

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How will the meal prep challenge work?

Each week I’ll send you 3 new recipes, along with a printable grocery list. Pick just one recipe to start, or try all three. The goal for the challenge is to get you in the habit of preparing breakfast ahead of time.

By the end of the challenge, you’ll have 9 recipes in your meal prep toolkit and a healthy habit you can continue forever!

Are you ready to take your breakfasts to the next level? Join the challenge now!